The Best Indian Restaurants in Philadelphia, PA: A Guide for Hungry Diners

Philadelphia is a foodie's paradise, with plenty of Indian restaurants to choose from. From Manayunk Indian Grille to Veda Modern Indian Bistro, there are plenty of places to enjoy the diverse flavors of India. Here is a guide to some of the best Indian restaurants in Philadelphia, PA that offer a lunch special menu.

Palace of India

is the top spot for Indian cuisine in the city, with an extensive menu of delicious pakoras, crispy samosas with spicy mint sauce and chicken vindaloo. The restaurant serves a variety of North Indian dishes, including big, bubbly rounds of buttered naan and a wide selection of curries and stews.

Haveli Virasat, located in West Philly, is a great place to try both traditional Indian specialties and Indochinese dishes such as Hakka noodles, chicken momos and fried cauliflower chunks “Gobi Manchuria” in a sweet and spicy sauce. Plus, it's the only place in Philadelphia where you can enjoy an Indian brunch with spiced masala poutine, paneer toast and an Indian lobster roll topped with cabbage and mango salad.

Thanal Indian Tavern

is the perfect example of modern Philadelphia Indian cuisine. The restaurant offers excellent chicken, lamb and beef dishes cooked in a creamy sauce or with a spicy ginger sauce. Other specialties include tandoori salad, Calcutta pork ribs with mango chutney, lamb vindaloo and delicious naan.

Lazeez Indian Cuisine

is located in Bella Vista and offers an extensive vegetarian menu filled with perfectly seasoned cheese cubes cooked in a creamy tomato sauce or chana masala with tender chickpeas in an onion paste.

IndeBlue was one of the first restaurants to bring modern Indian flavors to Philadelphia five years ago. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes like masala poutine, paneer toast and an Indian lobster roll topped with cabbage and mango salad.

Veda Modern Indian Bistro

, located in Rittenhouse, has been cooking for their neighbors for years or opened their doors just before the recent surge in interest in Indian food. The restaurant offers modern Indian flavors with white tablecloths.

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